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How much is the heat treatment equipment? Factory recommendation!

As the  metal heat treatment  is widely used, the price of the metal heat treatment furnace is also increasing. After all, there are a lot of equipment markets that can realize the heat treatment processing, but the metal heat treatment furnace that can realize the environmental protection and energy saving is not many. Now let’s take a look at the price of such an excellent steel bar heat treatment furnace on the market.

How much is the price of induction heating equipment? we need to see which manufacturer the user chooses to cooperate with. It is well known that the manufacturing materials chosen by different mechanical equipment manufacturers are not the same, and the processing technology has its own characteristics. In addition, the pricing basis for intermediate frequency heating equipment by manufacturers is different, resulting in the phenomenon that hundreds of manufacturers in the heat treatment machinery market have 100 kinds of prices. Users want to know the approximate prices, and the editor simply says here. This metal heating equipment is a non-standard custom-made product, customized by the manufacturer according to the user’s steel bar material, size, user process requirements, production efficiency and other information to meet the user’s production requirements.

To recommend a reputable induction heating equipment manufacturer Hebei Yuantuo electromechanical is a nearly 20 years of large-scale induction heating equipment manufacturers, in the metal heat treatment industry belongs to a large-scale, comprehensive equipment manufacturers, Manufacturers design different medium frequency heating equipment according to different metal workpieces, choose large space, offer reasonable price (factory self-employed), in addition can also provide cooling tower, power transformer, automatic feeding, cutting mechanism and other auxiliary equipment, Can provide users with a full set of automated production lines, comprehensive strength is not strong


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