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How much is the induction heating equipment and where is the discount?

Induction heating machine is different from the  metal heat treatment furnace, and is heated by the electromagnetic principle, the heat is directly generated from the inside of the metal work-piece, the heating efficiency is up to more than 95 percent, the production and processing realizes the production of environment protection, energy conservation, high efficiency, low carbon and the like by virtue of the special heating principle, Therefore, in the current heat treatment market, the induction heating equipment has a wide application field. Based on this, how much is it to invest in a set of medium-frequency heating equipment?

1. How much is the induction heating equipment? How much is it to say to the induction heating equipment? Whether it is in the quality of the steel raw material or the investment in the production of work time, power consumption and the like, it is higher than that of the traditional metal heat treatment furnace, so the price of the metal heat treatment furnace is more expensive in terms of price. But how much is it to say to a specific market IF heating device? The price of induction heating equipment from different manufacturers, different production areas and different selection sizes is different, so the specific price is also required to be detailed with specific induction heating equipment manufacturer.

2. Which intermediate frequency heating equipment price is more favorable? Through a simple analysis of the above-mentioned price-related knowledge of the induction heating equipment, we can clearly know that the price of the intermediate-frequency heating equipment from different places of origin is different, so the price of the metal heat-treatment furnace with the problem is more favourable. It is suggested that the user should consult with the Hebei region, and the specific recommendation is as follows:

1. There are many famous enterprises: Hebei as an industrial big province, and the famous enterprises in the production and manufacture of the medium-frequency heating equipment are as few as 100, and the size and size are different. in order to meet the needs of users at different consumption levels, Hebei will be a good choice for the choice of the manufacturer.

2. The price discount is big: Hebei takes advantage of the geographical advantage, not only is the transportation convenient, the transportation cost of the equipment is low, and the steel raw material is abundant here, The price level is not very high, so the low-cost investment is doomed to the price of the metal heat treatment furnace in this area is not too high; in addition, because the manufacturers of the manufacturing metal heat treatment furnaces are mostly direct-selling manufacturers, the price of the intermediate-frequency heating equipment provided by them is the factory price, So, compared with other regions, the price of the metal heat treatment furnace given by other types of manufacturers is relatively large, so in general, it is suitable for the user to invest.

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