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How much is the investment induction heating equipment? Which device is reliable?

induction heating equipment heating effect is good, production capacity is strong, more important is energy saving, environmental protection, efficient, can create more benefits for users, so the recent consultation, choose and purchase induction heating equipment users are more, this paper introduces the majority of users are concerned about the issue: Induction electric furnace quotation, which technology is good? It is convenient for users to choose the right equipment better.

The cost-sensitive heating equipment for investment induction heating equipment is a new metal heating equipment in the heat treatment market in recent years. The medium-frequency current is used to heat-treat the metal workpiece, and the heating efficiency is up to more than 95%. At the same time, the medium-frequency heating furnace is a non-standard product, which requires the user to provide the material, the size, the process requirements and the output of the work piece to make the custom production, but the different users demand that the configuration of the induction heating equipment is different and the price is different. If you want to know the specific quotation of the induction heating equipment, please call the Tuo Tuo Electromechanical Customer Service Hotline, and the professional and technical personnel can answer the questions and ask for an electric consultation. In addition, the intermediate frequency heating furnace is not the same as the production process, the production capacity of the manufacturer is different, and the price is also different.


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