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How much is the quotation for induction heating equipment? What are the influencing factors?

induction heating equipment is used for on-line heating of steel pipe, steel bar, rebar, screw steel, billet, aluminum bar, medium-thick plate, stabilizing rod, etc., and can be used for rolling mill, forging press, air hammer and so on. Induction heating equipment has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, stability and so on. With the increasing requirements for environmental protection in recent years, the amount of induction heating furnace should be more and more in the market. So how much is the price for the induction heating equipment? Details will be given below.

billet heating equipment

Energy-saving induction heating equipment price impact factors

1, model size and energy-saving induction heating furnace models are very many, different types of equipment its technical parameters vary greatly, the relative output is also very different, the quotation is also high and low, In general, the price of large-sized equipment is higher than that of small-size equipment.

2, the demand of users for energy-saving medium frequency heating equipment demand also has a great impact on the equipment quotation, when the phenomenon of supply exceeds demand, the quotation will be very high; on the contrary, when the supply exceeds demand, the quotation will be very low.

3, Competitiveness: there are now many energy-saving induction heat exchanger manufacturers in the market, and the competitiveness between manufacturers and manufacturers is becoming more and more intense. At this time, some manufacturers will reduce equipment prices to sell equipment, so as to occupy a favorable position in the market. In this way, the overall market price is low.


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