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How much is the seamless steel pipe induction quenching equipment?

If you want to invest in seamless steel Pipe induction hardening machine, you must recognize your own needs and choose what is suitable for you. The following is an introduction to the performance of induction quenching equipment for seamless steel pipes:

Seamless steel pipe quenching equipment has a variety of different configurations, suitable for their own, in order to create considerable value for themselves. Seamless steel pipe induction quenching equipment is divided into intelligent fully automatic exchange and semi-automatic equipment, high and low parts, different processes, is also the main factors affecting the price, different types, induction heating equipment performance is different, the application field is also different, we choose seamless steel pipe induction quenching equipment is not expensive, only choose suitable for their own, only to recognize the basic performance of their metal workpiece, investment, Only at a later stage can we make considerable profits for ourselves.

The high-voltage electric machine is focused on the production of the induction heating equipment and the medium-frequency induction quenching equipment for more than 20 years, has rich design concept and practical experience in the seamless steel tube induction quenching equipment, has the advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection, stable performance, high production efficiency and the like, The price of the high-pressure electro-mechanical induction heating equipment is also relatively low, because it is the difference between the factory and the middleman. Let’s worry about it and use your heart.


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