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How to avoid cracks in pipe quenching

The analysis and explanation of cracking of steel pipe material in the quenching process is a common quenching defect, which is produced by various methods. Today we will talk about how to prevent cracking during pipe heat treatment.

Since heat treatment defects start from the product plan, the operation to prevent cracks should start from the product plan. Therefore, it is necessary to select materials, reasonably plan the structure, put forward appropriate technical requirements for heat treatment, reasonably arrange the process flow, and select reasonable heating temperature, holding time, heating medium, cooling mode, operation mode, etc.


Tube induction hardening tempering furnace

The influence of heat treatment process and process on quenching crack.

First, heat treatment process conditions.

The detection method is local strengthening or surface strengthening. When induction heating equipment is used for quenching, the quenching hardness shall be reasonably adjusted according to the service condition of the workpiece. When the requirements for local quenching hardness are not high, try not to carry out overall hardness blending.

Pay attention to the role of steel. Explosion proof treatment shall be carried out in class I flammable areas. Reasonable arrangement of process route and process parameters;

After confirming the steel pipe material, structure and process conditions, the heat treatment technician must conduct process analysis on the steel pipe and determine the reasonable process route, that is, the correct position of induction heat treatment and the direction of cold and heat treatment process. Determine heating parameters;

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