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How to avoid cracks in steel pipe medium frequency heat treatment furnace during quenching?

It is a common quenching defect to analyze and explain the crack of steel pipe during quenching, and it occurs in many ways. Today, let’s talk about how to prevent the quenching crack in heat treatment.

Since the disadvantages of heat treatment begin with product planning, crack prevention operations should be adopted in product planning. Then of course, we should correctly select materials, reasonably plan the structure, put forward appropriate requirements for heat treatment skills, properly organize the process Road, and select reasonable heating temperature, insulation time, heating medium, cooling medium, cooling method and operation method.

Influence of heat treatment skill and process path on quenching crack

First,  Heat treatment skill conditions

1. The test uses partial hardening or external hardening.

2. According to the application conditions of the workpiece, reasonably adjust the hardness of the quenched part of the induction heating equipment. When the hardness requirement of partial quenching is low, try not to adhere to the common hardness of all.

3. Pay attention to the quality and function of steel.

4. Prevent tempering in the first tempering brittle area.

Second, Reasonably organize the process road and process parameters

After confirming the data, structure and process conditions of the steel pipe, it is necessary for the heat treatment process personnel to conduct process analysis and confirm the reasonable process path, that is, correctly place the orientation of induction heat treatment, cold processing and hot processing processes. And confirm the heating parameters.

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