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How to choose and purchase Induction heating equipment

First of all, in order to buy the appropriate induction heating equipment, we must first understand the actual demand of their own metal surface heat treatment, only clearly on the induction heating equipment demand can better combine their own needs to choose and purchase metal heating equipment, so as to make the benefits of heat treatment production more extensive. In the choice, do not blindly pursue the cheap price of induction heating equipment, many customers in order to control the cost, the price of intermediate frequency heating equipment as the purchase standard, the result will only look at the immediate interests and miss the long-term development, when the purchase of induction heating equipment problems continue to regret; However, customers can not blindly pursue new expensive equipment, the new induction heating equipment may not be suitable for every customer, more importantly, according to their own heat treatment production of work-piece, process requirements and other factors, and combined with their own capital budget to select the right equipment.

Second, select the most suitable induction heating equipment manufacturers, and carry on the field investigation to them. The popularity of the network has brought great convenience to customers to choose and purchase intermediate frequency heating equipment. Customers can choose induction heating equipment manufacturers with high brand reputation and reliable quality through the network. However, the information on the network is too much and miscellaneous. We must not determine the purchasing manufacturer just by the product introduction on the Internet. It is necessary to carry out a field inspection of the factory (of course, it is impossible for every manufacturer of induction heating equipment to inspect the manufacturer of induction heating equipment, so it is necessary to use the network to check the production capacity of induction heating equipment manufacturers and after-sales service, etc., paying special attention to the delivery site, production workshop and supporting facilities on the website of metal heat treatment furnace manufacturers). We must investigate several manufacturers of induction heating equipment, and communicate deeply with the sales and designers of the enterprise, carry on the omni-directional understanding to the manufacturer, try our best to select the enterprise with reasonable price, excellent quality and high brand reputation. If the conditions permit, it is best to visit the manufacturer’s workshop, because the production process can also reflect the technical level and product quality of the enterprise, which is the side proof of the strength and product quality of the feeder manufacturer.

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