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How to choose billet reheating furnace?

Q: in near future, plan to purchase a set of steel billet heating furnace for billet temperature rise and supplement. 1. How to choose? 2. What should we pay attention to when looking at the equipment on the spot? 3. What are the main price components?


A: first, in the face of a large number of heating equipment suitable for ourselves and saving money and labor, it has undoubtedly become a unanimous judgment. We divide the heating range and grade according to the differences of our own workpieces, production efficiency and production scale. Whether it is gas heating, gas heating or electric heating, in this era of high efficiency and low energy consumption, environmental protection and saving is the concept we always implement.

2、 Look at the details of the equipment on the spot. You should pay attention to:

Look at how many employees they have, how many quality inspectors they have, how many CNC processing equipment they have, how large the production and assembly workshop they have, what kind of customers they face, whether they cooperate with big brands, and what the heating accuracy standard is implemented. Then look at the registered capital of the Steel billet induction heating equipment manufacturer and how the employee benefits are. Through these understanding, we can basically identify whether it is a good manufacturer.


3、 The main price components include many aspects, such as:

1. In terms of design, the cost is more;

2. High rigidity frame structure;

3.In terms of technology, the equipment is carved and carved carefully;

4. Electrical appliances, brand electrical appliances;

5. In terms of accuracy, temperature closed-loop control, high temperature control accuracy;

6. In terms of service life, it is several times worse, and the service life can reach more than ten years;

7. In terms of maintenance, low failure and low maintenance cost;



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