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How to choose excellent induction heating equipment manufacturers!

The induction heating equipment is a new type of metal heating equipment in the heat treatment market, and the production processing time is short, the speed is high, and the efficiency is high. So how much is the price of the Induction electric furnace? Don’t worry, this article gives you a detailed explanation, taking you deep into the charm.

The price of one set of induction heating equipment is a non-standard product. The specific quotation of induction heating equipment needs to be customized and quoted according to the user’s parameters such as workpiece size, process requirements and yield requirements. Therefore, the intermediate frequency heating furnace manufacturer can not directly offer accurate quotation. In addition, the price of induction heating equipment is also influenced by factors such as manufacturer, market, regional price, brand, etc. In terms of the manufacturer, the price is mainly influenced by model and configuration.

Induction heating equipment manufacturers recommend that induction heating equipment manufacturers, the market is almost as many as cattle hair, but most of them are small and medium-sized manufacturers, and even many dealers, therefore, the choice of manufacturers has become a very headache for many investors, here, Yaohui Machinery suggests that we should pay special attention to a few issues when choosing:

1, the strength and scale of manufacturers: to a certain extent, strong strength, Large-scale manufacturers can better produce high-quality induction heating furnace;

2, the manufacturer’s after-sale: induction heating equipment to buy back to use for a long time, perfect after-sale can help users reduce investment costs;

3, to see whether the quotation is naked: the whole machine includes many accessories, depends on whether the manufacturer’s quotation includes the price of accessories, or just the price of a bare machine.


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