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How to choose high quality induction heating equipment?

How to choose high quality induction heating equipment?

There is a wide range of induction heating technology.The induction heating equipment  is available for many sizes and shapes of parts in the metal process.But do you know how to choose high quality induction heating equipment?

The following features should be pay more attention for high quality induction heating equipment:

1.Whether  suitable for  forging, heat-treatment, pipe bending, hot extrusion, melting and brazing. Because the different type induction heating equipment has the different application.

2.Whether the equipment saving energy. Energy saving is main symbol for the induction heating equipment,Generally speaking, High conversion efficiency more than 97.5%: IGBT(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) inversion technology.3.

3.Whether it has a good reliability, reliable components.

4.Whether with  improve the protection system.

5.Whether it is easy to operate and maintain.

If  the induction heating equipment can meed the above mentioned requirement then it is high quality,please don’t hesitate to buy it.YuanTuo furnace company supply the induction heating equipment and related induction heat treating equipment.Detail information,please refer


Post time: 06-30-2016