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How to choose Induction heating equipment manufacturer

Environmental protection is a hot topic today, machinery industry manufacturers are also very heavy on environmental protection, and this Induction heating machine is like specially for environmental protection green production, special heating principle, heat generated from the inside of bolts, this bolt heating equipment hot processing does not produce waste gas, waste smoke and other pollutants, to achieve environmentally friendly green production. Here, the induction heating equipment suppliers on the market are also springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. In the face of a variety of brands and manufacturers, users also need a pair of “eyes and eyes”.

First, the demand of bolt heating equipment suppliers determines the supply. It is precisely because of the increase of bolt electric heating equipment demand that so many bolt heating furnace brands have emerged. The investment prospect of bolt heating equipment is broad, and the number of suppliers is gradually increasing. Domestic suppliers of bolt electric heating equipment are mainly in Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other regions, among which Hebei, Shandong and other areas are more competitive and more manufacturers.

Second, factors affecting the sales quotation of bolt heating furnace

1, material cost: the raw materials for the production of bolt heating equipment, the quality of raw materials is directly related to the quality of the equipment, service life, etc., which is an important factor in its price.

2, labor cost: the production of bolt electric heating equipment requires a large number of electricians, welders, fitters, painters,

3, the labor cost consumption is large. Sales cost: sales induction heating and quenching equipment, through a number of links, including brand promotion, advertising investment, sales channel expansion and other links.

4, other expenses: such as electricity charges, water charges, management fees, vulnerable material costs, etc.

5, brand awareness: brand is an important factor affecting pricing, but this is not a decisive factor, which can be used as a reference.

6, Other factors: other factors that affect the price of bolt heating equipment are market supply, raw material price, regional price, national policy and so on. However, the price of bolt electric heating equipment mainly depends on the user’s process requirements, production efficiency and equipment configuration requirements.

3. Quotation acquisition mode

1, online consultation; this is the most common mode of obtaining the quotation, many professional manufacturers have their own official network, and the upper official network knows the cost of the quotation is lower and faster.

2. Call the consultation; the free dial hotline is a simple and reliable way. It is also common.

3, to the factory inspection and consultation; this is a relatively traditional way, the cost is high, but it is helpful to understand the professional of the induction heating equipment manufacturers in depth, and it is suggested that everyone should go to the factory for inspection.


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