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How to choose the steel bar induction preheating equipment ?

                         How to choose the steel bar induction preheating equipment?
Do you know about the steel bar induction preheating equipment?In some cases, the steel bars need to be heated to a certain temperature before the formal heating.Then how to choose induction preheating equipment?Especially how to choose the suitable induction preheating equipment?

Forever furnace company is the professional manufacturer of induction preheating equipment which can be used for steel bar preheating and special work piece preheating.
Selection principle of work piece induction preheating equipment: enterprises can choose suitable power according to the specific production cycle; the larger the power is, the faster the speed is.
The selected induction preheating equipment is different, the preheating treatment effect is different.If you choose the wrong
induction preheating equipment,we can not meet the requirements of production but also there is uneven heating, low efficiency and slow heating speed.As a result, the work piece damage must be unavoidable.So?Forever Furnace?want to remind you to be careful when you are buying induction preheating equipment.
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Post time: 04-29-2016