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How to give full play to the performance of Metal Surface Heat treatment Furnace?

The quality of metal surface heat treatment furnace is reliable, and the lining and sintering of metal surface heat treatment furnace need to be used in the furnace body as well as in the future. Induction heating machine lining should pay attention to uniform force to hit firmly, one-time finish, one-off setting.

Second, after the lining is knotted, how to operate correctly and reasonably is the key to prolong the service life of metal surface heat treatment furnace and ensure the safety of life. In general, before using intermediate frequency electric furnace, it is necessary to check whether the flow of water cooling system is unobstructed, the water pressure of cooling water, whether the water temperature is normal, whether there is leakage phenomenon, and whether the hydraulic system can work normally. Operation should be done, careful not to touch, one person to operate, one person to monitor, and strictly forbid idle personnel into the computer room to prevent electric shock. Dry melts should be used in the melting process, and light discharge and frequent feeding should be made. When the melting of molten materials in the furnace reaches the need, it should be poured out in time to avoid the loss of lining at high temperature. When it is found that there is a red phenomenon on the outside of the furnace body, this is the precursor of leakage of the furnace, and measures such as turning off the medium frequency power supply and pouring out the molten materials in the furnace should be taken in time to avoid the occurrence of furnace leakage accidents. It should also be noted that when it is found that the lining becomes very thin and can not continue to be used, the old lining should be smashed off and the new lining should be remade to prevent leakage accidents.


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