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How to push the quenching furnace of steel pipe to the peak of quality?

In recent years, the production technology of induction heating equipment in China has made outstanding changes and made great progress. In the current trend of world economic development, it is urgent to improve the quality of induction heating equipment and its competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets. The production technology of intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment must also catch up in order to seize the opportunity and meet the new challenges. In order to reduce and shorten the gap with the international advanced level as soon as possible, the heat treatment technology and the quality of intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment in our country can enter the advanced and leading position in the world as soon as possible.

Domestic steel pipe manufacturers and construction industries need more advanced technology, high reliability and automation, energy-saving and pollution-free steel tube quenching furnace. This requires that the medium frequency heat treatment equipment manufacturing plant can clearly and accurately grasp the development trend of new equipment at home and abroad and the market demand of users, and put forward its own product development planning and measures to achieve the goal. With the technical transformation of heat treatment enterprises, more joint-stock enterprises and individual private enterprises still maintain a great momentum in the demand for advanced steel pipe quenching furnace.

Mastering four advanced technologies and realizing the whole process of quality control manufacturing quality control technology is a kind of system engineering which includes both production technology and production quality management. To realize the quality control of the whole manufacturing process, on the one hand, it is necessary to optimize the process and improve the quality of steel pipe quenching furnace, and the other is to ensure stable and constant process conditions to obtain the quality of steel pipe quenching furnace with very small dispersion. The quality control of the whole manufacturing process should not only be realized by the automation of the production process, the on-line control of the process parameters and the simulation of the process effect by the production process parameters, but also by realizing the intelligence of the control process as much as possible. This is the main direction of the development of quality control technology at present. In the whole process of induction heating equipment manufacturing, it is necessary to effectively control every link of production technology and management in order to fully ensure the quality of intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment. From the advanced degree of manufacturing induction heating equipment, the strict control in the production process, especially the on-line quality control of steel pipe quenching furnace, is of more positive significance than in the final inspection of finished products, the separation of waste and defective products.

Post time: 05-13-2019