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How to use intermediate frequency induction heating equipment?

How to use intermediate Intelligent medium frequency induction heating furnace? This is a problem that every user is more concerned about. If the induction heating equipment is not operated properly, the electronic components will be easily damaged. The old engineer, who has 30 years of working experience in the mechanical and electrical industry, explains the operation specification of the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment to you.

Operating procedures for intermediate frequency induction heating equipment

1,The operator shall be familiar with the performance and structure of the induction heating equipment, and shall observe the safety and handover system.

2, Must have more than two people to operate the medium frequency induction heating equipment and the designated operator.

3,The operation should check the protection blocking is good, the work time idle person does not enter.

4,Before work, check if all parts of the medium frequency induction heating equipment are safe and reliable, and the power supply is in good condition.

5, work ready to open induction heating equipment, check each cooling water pipe is smooth, water pressure is within the prescribed standard.

6, Install the sensor, connect the cooling water, the workpiece discharge sensor can be electrified and heated, no no-load power transmission. Replace the workpiece, must stop the high frequency, if the high frequency cannot stop, should immediately cut off the high voltage or connect the emergency switch.

7,If induction heating equipment operation should pay attention to the current and voltage are not allowed to exceed the specified value.

8, work to close all machine doors, after the high pressure closed, do not come to the machine after the activities, strictly prohibited to open machine doors.

9, intermediate frequency induction heating equipment in the working process found abnormal phenomenon, must first cut off the high pressure, then analysis, troubleshooting.

10, the indoor should be equipped with ventilation equipment, the elimination of quenching smoke, exhaust gas, environmental protection. Indoor temperature should be controlled at 15-35C.


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