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IF power supply for the induction heating furnace

IF power supply for the induction heating furnace 

IF induction heating furnace power supply device is also known as a solid-state IF power supply.It is a static variable frequency power supply which composed of semiconductor components and commonly used for  IF induction heating furnace

Compared with the traditional frequency power supply generators,IF power supply has  many advantages such as the  high efficiency, variable-frequency, low noise, small size, light weight, easy installation, easy operation and maintenance so on.

The same time, the induction heating furnace with the IF power supply  has significant advantages in operational flexibility and economy than the frequency induction furnace.

The advantages of the induction heating furnace with the IF power supply showed as followings:
① Power density, high thermal efficiency and melting rate.
② Furnace can be emptied, no residue from the melt, easy to replace metal species.
③ With wet or greasy charge does not have to be dried, can be directly loaded from the melting furnace.
④ Automatic frequency can adapt to changes in charge parameters, such as frequency induction furnace does not need to use as a contactor switching capacitor to compensate for the power factor.
⑤ When the same productivity, medium frequency induction furnace furnace small and thus heat loss and thermal stress is also small lining, lining life extended.
⑥ No need easy fault tap, reduce maintenance workload.

Frequency power supply also has some disadvantages—-harmonics and power frequency power supply noise can interfere with the power grid and the environment.Some  measures should be taken to resolve these problems.

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Post time: 06-21-2016