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If the medium frequency equipment for steel pipe heating is more suitable, it is better

Heating medium frequency equipment for steel pipe can greatly improve production efficiency, which has become the consensus of metal hot working industry. However, in the actual purchase, many large metal hot processing production enterprises are really easy to go to extremes. They think that the more expensive is the better. When selecting the type, they give priority to the high-end steel pipe heating equipment and foreign brand steel pipe heating equipment.

However, only after it was put into use did it find that it was basically overqualified and underused. It was enough to use medium and low-end steel pipe heating equipment or domestic induction heating equipment according to the production requirements of customers. On the contrary, some expensive equipment did not adapt to the production needs because they were not suitable for the production needs. For example, many original imported  steel pipe heating equipment from abroad had no targeted changes in their circuits, electrical appliances and programming, It is often not suitable for domestic metal hot processing and production, which brings great trouble to customers’ subsequent processing and production.

As a professional induction heating equipment, Hebei FOREVER electromechanical manufacturer hereby reminds customers engaged in metal hot processing that when actually purchasing induction heating furnace, they should not blindly take the price as the purchase benchmark, but need to understand their own needs, and then select the more appropriate one in targeted selection.


When selecting medium frequency equipment for steel pipe heating, it is usually necessary to understand the following production parameters:

1. Material of pipe:__________

2. Actual larger size of pipe: [pipe diameter: _____ mm, wall thickness: ___ mm, pipe length: ___mm]

3. Production efficiency:__________

4. Production process:__________



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Post time: 01-11-2022