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IGBT medium frequency induction heating furnace

The advantages of IGBT medium frequency induction heating furnace power supply, such as fast heating speed, short time, energy saving and environmental protection, show the advantages of new technology, high energy consumption of new equipment elimination, lag technology and equipment of pollution background, but energy saving mainly shows that sensors should have higher heat rate and electric rate, and the following five paths have successfully realized energy saving and consumption reduction:

First, the accurate selection of current frequency IGBT intermediate frequency power supply is very tight, because it will directly affect the thermal rate of the sensor and the heating rate of the billet. If the frequency of the selected current is too high, the heating time will be prolonged, the heat loss will be increased, the heat rate will be reduced, and the heating rate will also be reduced, so that the frequency conversion will be set to cost more.

Second, by increasing the terminal voltage of the sensor, the number of turns of the induction coil will be increased, the current on the induction coil will be reduced from the surface, and the power loss will be reduced, so the rate of the sensor will be increased. Increasing the terminal voltage of the sensor is a better way to save energy by heating. Try your best to prevent the use of low voltage and high current induction heating as appropriate.

Third, select the current density of the induction coil accurately. The density of the induction red coil is large, the power loss will increase, and the electric rate of the inductor will be reduced. Therefore, the section size of the pure copper tube of the induction coil depends on the number of turns of the induction coil and the geometric size of the sensor.

Fourth, the selected medium frequency induction furnace has heat insulation heat resistant material induction ring lined with heat insulation layer and heat resistant layer, good insulation material, will have a certain thickness, can play a good thermal insulation effect, reduce the heat conduction loss of billet, so the rate of inductor is increased.



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