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Important use of Intermediate Frequency Furnace in Industry

Due to the advantages of electricity, high thermal efficiency, fast heating speed, easy to complete mechanized and automatic operation, good product quality, low production cost, no pollution, good working conditions, energy saving and so on, the Intelligent medium frequency induction heating furnace is attached to energy saving and removal. It has been widely used in industrial production in recent years.

Induction heating skills are mainly divided into high frequency, intermediate frequency and power frequency, intermediate frequency furnace is mainly used for melting and heat preservation of non-ferrous metals and their alloys, together with steel and cast iron melting and heat preservation, it has the usual advantages of electrical metallurgy. If it is easy to create the necessary atmosphere, facilitate the conditioning of temperature standards, reduce metal burning, ensure the quality of castings, improve productivity and reduce the labor intensity of workers, it is also due to the electromagnetic mixing effect in liquid metal, It can ensure that the composition of the alloy is uniform. Medium frequency furnace is also used for induction heating of metal materials before casting, kneading and rolling, and is also used for heat treatment of workpieces. It is one of the most important surface quenching methods in modern machine manufacturing industry to use high frequency and intermediate frequency current to quench the surface of workpiece. For the workpiece with large diameter and thicker quenching layer, the medium frequency furnace with lower frequency is selected for surface quenching. Induction heating is not only used for heating before hot working such as casting and stamping, but also for heat treatment of quenched and tempered heat treatment, central recrystallizing annealing of cold kneading workpiece, stress annealing of welds and so on. In recent years, low temperature induction heating has also been used in hot loads such as tooth rings and flywheels, motor rotors and shafts, and bearing inner rings.

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