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Induction hardening equipment in china

The intelligent induction heating equipment of the induction hardening machine adopts the IGBT induction heating power supply, which is rare in the market. Its power saving is about 30% of the old silicon controlled silicon, and the circuit does not control full-bridge rectification, capacitor filtering, bridge inverter and series resonance output.

induction heating furnace

The characteristics of induction quenching equipment are as follows:

1. The power saving is 20%, the water saving is 40%, and the investment of external auxiliary facilities is reduced by 75%.

2, unique cooling cycle system to ensure the continuous operation of the equipment 24 hours a day.

3, small volume, light weight, convenient movement, no ten thousand volts high pressure danger, safe operation.

4, high reliability, simple and convenient maintenance, perfect overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, phase shortage, water shortage and other self-protection functions. 5, automatic frequency tracking, stepless power regulation, simple to use, 10 minutes to learn to use.

This is the intelligent induction heating equipment of Hebei Hengyuan production-intermediate frequency intelligent induction heating equipment, high-frequency intelligent induction heating equipment, super-audio intelligent induction heating equipment, and Zhengzhou Hengyuan welcome incoming call consultation



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