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Induction hardening furnace inspection and repair

Induction hardening furnace inspection and repair

Hardening is an important step during industrial work piece processing, so induction hardening furnace has become the indispensable part. In the use of many hardening equipment, maintenance work need to be done well, then how to do a good job in daily maintenance for induction hardening furnace?

The first part need to inspect is power supply which is generally indicated by the meter,and you only need to check whether the meter display is normal or not.Of course if there is a little difference from the meter display and the real display,the difference should be controlled in the reasonable range.For the part that need to be checked with digital multimeter, you should be cautious for inspection of rectifier, Ni Bianjing sluice gate tube anode, cathode resistor and the control pole and the cathode resistor value.You can check whether the equipment working is in good condition by judging meter specific display value.

 Also you need check rectifying plate is normal, magnetic resistor R6 is burned or not.

Daily maintenance work for the equipment operation is very favorable.We believe the above explanation will let you have more understanding of the induction hardening furnace and you can do maintenance for the induction hardening furnace well.

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Post time: 03-26-2016