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Induction heat treating furnace–power supply

Induction heat treating furnace–power supply cabinet


Power supply is very important for induction heat treating furnace.The quality of power supply can effect the induction heat treating furnace efficiency.Here let me tell you Forever Furnace induction heat treating furnace power supply.

Functions and features of Induction heat treating furnace power supply

(1)IF power supply cabinet main function:660V six phase 50Hz alternating current will become direct current through rectifier device and become required alternating current through inverter system.Then the work piece can be self heated with the principle of electromagnetic eddy current.

(2)Main features for IF power supply cabinet:

A The equipment has perfect automatic protection functions including water temperature,water pressure,lacking phase,over current,over voltage and so on to make sure the equipment has reliable running.

B  Main components including SCR are from international brand company.SCR water jacket are sourced international standard thick water jacket which is one centimeter thicker than general manufacturers.The cooling effect is better and more reliable.

C   Internal copper connection is using tinned process to avoid bad contact due to oxidation.

D  Water collector and hard pipes will be used in all 304 stainless steel material,increasing furnace life greatly and ensure safety.

(3)Simple maintenance:

A  Simple power supply structure,perfect protection for control circuit,touch screen control for equipment and complete fault display function.You can find out the failure reason and repair.

B  DSP control technology has high processing speed,which can make sure all device function can work in high efficiency.

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Post time: 03-25-2016