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Induction heating equipment continues to break through to meet new development

With the development of science and technology, the scale of induction heating equipment in China continues to expand, but in the increasingly fierce market competition, induction heating equipment still has a lot of room for improvement. Today, induction heating equipment needs reform and innovation to meet the needs of a new round of market reform and heat treatment production.

hardening machine

Through the open thinking of the induction heating equipment, the new heat treatment technology is applied to the induction heating equipment to form a new heat treatment technology to make more contribution to the domestic product heat treatment. This form of development also gives more inspiration to Hebei Hengyuan manufacturers, so as to make the company go out of an autonomous and personalized development road, not only to attract the eyes of the general consumers, but also to bring the induction heating equipment to a new development!


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Post time: 04-16-2019