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Induction heating equipment for billet wins with high quality service

Billet heating furnace is basically 24-hour non-stop operation to ensure efficiency, many times once the billet induction heating equipment failure, will greatly affect the production efficiency of customers, How to quickly eliminate the solution has become a difficult problem placed in each billet induction heating equipment manufacturer, at this time, if there is fast service, the loss to the customer is less.


Customers in Yuantuo can not only choose and purchase the best quality induction heating automation equipment for billet, but also enjoy its professional, warm and high-quality service, and remote extension can ensure that you can buy, install, debug and use it in the later period. Maintenance and maintenance are easy, rest assured, truly ensure that customers buy steel billet induction heating equipment automation equipment to play its use value. Now let’s take a look at the service of the far Topics.

1, to provide customers with professional technical knowledge, technical advice and business consulting services, according to customer requirements, design in line with customer production of steel induction heating equipment. For customers with special needs, free on-site survey, tailor-made billet heating production line solutions.

2, steel bar heating production line quality guarantee period of 12 months, and provide life-long repair, maintenance services.

3.During the warranty period, the equipment in normal service will be damaged due to quality problems. The company shall repair and replace the damaged devices free of charge.

4, failure, we guarantee to arrive at the buyer’s site within 24 hours after receiving the user’s notice for processing.

5, billet induction heating production line on-the-spot technical service guidance to train operators skilled control.

6, according to customer requirements to provide life-long preferential accessories.


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