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Induction heating equipment for heat treatment? It’s worth investing!

The Induction heating machine is the equipment mainly used in the processing and treatment of metal workpieces in the current heat treatment market, and the induction heating furnace adopts a unique heating mode to be a heat treatment thermal pin device, so that the metal surface heat treatment  is an investment project which is desired by many users. in contrast to that traditional operation mode of the traditional medium-frequency heating furnace, we introduce to you the equipment which is heat-treated by the electric-to-heat mode, and the alternating current can be uniformly distributed to the inside of the metal workpiece through the inductor, and the heating efficiency is up to more than 85%, with reliable performance

The performance advantages of induction heating equipment are as follows:

1, the structure of induction heating furnace is compact and the performance is stable. Select high quality structural design, all spare parts, wear-resistant parts are selected professional specifications, and have a fully automatic lubrication oil supply system, to ensure that the wear of the whole machine is small, the failure rate is less, and the service life of induction heating equipment is improved.

2, the intermediate frequency heating furnace adopts mechatronics design, the overall structure is compact and the space is small. The traditional flame furnace occupies a large area of space, which affects the plan and space plan of the customer occasion, and the medium frequency heating furnace realizes the compact structure of power supply, inductor, material rack and so on, which can make the customer plant space be used effectively.

3, the induction heating equipment adopts PLC intelligent electronic control system, which can be set easily by only one person on the electronic control operating table, which fundamentally reduces the labor intensity and improves the production efficiency.

4.According to the size and shape of the user’s workpiece, the induction heating equipment furnace body is customized according to the size and shape of the remote extension mechatronics. The fast-changing structure design is adopted to connect the hydropower structure, which can be used to reduce the standby time.

Hebei Yuantuo Electromechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd., as an established manufacturer with 20 years of production experience, has accumulated rich production experience and provided you with high quality induction heating furnace and service. The Wealth aggregation number of the heat treatment industry in 2019 has been sounded. If you want to do anything good, you must take advantage of it, a good induction heating equipment is essential, Yuantian Electromechanical Seiko forging, more casting excellent induction heating equipment and so on.


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