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Induction heating equipment is going abroad

Under the situation of economic integration, more and more domestic brands are going abroad. Induction heating machine as a commonly used heat treatment furnace for heat treatment, there are also some brands of induction heating equipment abroad, such as Hebei Yuantuo. As an investor, have you missed these manufacturers?

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Why the remote electromechanical induction heating equipment can go abroad.

1. The induction heating equipment has the advantages of simple structure, small occupation area and low investment cost. This metal heating equipment adopts mechanical and electrical integration structure to design a small volume and occupy a small area. Especially in the limited production space, the operation of induction heating equipment is more flexible; In addition, the equipment structure design is simple, the operation cost is relatively low, the user investment is more cost-effective.

2, rotary feeding, high quality induction furnace using 304 stainless steel roller, to achieve rotary feeding, steel processing temperature is uniform, ensuring high quality and high efficiency.

3, the output of induction heating equipment is higher than 99%, the continuous operation of 24 hours is realized, and the processing efficiency is high, which can meet the high production demand of users.

Induction heating equipment is not only put into use in domestic heat treatment production lines, such as Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, but also used in heat treatment production lines in other countries abroad, such as Russia, Serbia, Argentina, India, etc.

Reasonable induction heating equipment performance advantages and prices are more concerned by users, then how much induction heating equipment is quoted. Due to many types of medium frequency heating equipment and different configurations, the price of steel bar heat treatment furnace selected by each user is slightly different. It is recommended that the user consult the customer service to obtain the specific quotation information of the metal heating equipment.

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