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Induction heating equipment operation mode, performance strong!

As a new type of  metal heat treatment induction heating equipment has become the choice of many users at present. The equipment can move flexibly, produce efficiently, and the whole equipment can be produced independently, and it can also be produced online with other mechanical equipment. The output is high, the installation is convenient, the high efficiency operation, the energy saving and environmental protection, the strength is very different, and plays an important role in many steel processing plants.

Quenching and tempering line for tubing

After optimization design of induction heating equipment, induction heating equipment is a kind of mechatronics equipment, which realizes the function of complete production line, strong set, realizes one machine and multiple uses, can not only operate single machine, but also carry on multi-machine joint operation to improve production efficiency; the structure of the whole equipment is compact, the production realizes intelligent, numerical control, equipment movement, installation, debugging and maintenance are simple and convenient.

the high-efficiency and environment-friendly induction heating equipment is very different in strength, because the medium-frequency heating furnace is processed by adopting an electromagnetic principle, the electric energy is in the environment-friendly energy source, waste gas waste gas and dust and the like are not generated in the production process, the production is environment-friendly, and the sealing performance of the furnace body is strong, The production process can not cause high-temperature influence on the periphery, and is beneficial to building a good working environment and improving the working enthusiasm of the workers.

The medium-frequency induction heating equipment adopts an electromechanical integration structure design, simplifies the production process, brings vitality to the heat treatment processing market, is flexible in processing, high in efficiency and energy-saving, selects the remote-to-large electromechanical, is economical, practical, stable and reliable, and has more detailed induction heating equipment information, Please consult the Tuo Electrical and Customer Service Hotline for your direct call to the professional staff to serve you.

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