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Induction heating equipment produces environmental protection and energy saving, its heating principle is not general!

Induction heating machine is a hot product in the heat treatment market, but there are still many users can not find it, only know the equipment of electric heating. Yes, what you are looking for is this kind of metal surface heat treatment furnace, induction heating equipment uses intermediate frequency current to heat treatment the workpiece, the speed is fast, the time is short, the effect is good! This equipment can be widely used in mining machinery, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, railway transportation and other industries. Let’s take a closer look at the intermediate frequency heating furnace.


The working principle of induction heating equipment is yes, the electric heating equipment you are looking for is this induction heating equipment, it uses intermediate frequency current, the alternating current is evenly distributed to the work-piece through the inductor to produce swirl, the heat is generated from the metal work-piece, the thermal efficiency is as high as 95%, the production energy saving and environmental protection, the heating speed is fast, the time is short, the work-piece is not easy to burn and save materials.

The induction heating equipment structure of the induction heating equipment is an automatic processing equipment which adopts the integrated design of the electro-mechanical air control, mainly comprises an intermediate frequency power supply, a storage rack, a conveying system, an induction heating system and a control system and the like, and if the user wants to perform full-automatic production, The automatic feeding and blanking mechanism can also be arranged, so that the manual feeding and blanking steps can be reduced, and the production efficiency of the equipment can be improved. The induction heating equipment is mainly used for an intermediate frequency heating furnace such as a steel bar heating furnace, a steel pipe heating furnace, a steel plate heating furnace, a steel billet heating furnace, a steel bar heating furnace, an aluminum rod heating furnace, a copper rod heating furnace and the like.


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