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Induction heating equipment service, or remote electromechanical reliable!

When the whole induction heating equipment industry focuses on improving the quality of equipment, Yuantuo Electromechanical and Electrical Industry pays attention to the quality of  induction heat treatment machine, and brings more rights and interests protection to customers from the aspects of procurement, production, sales and after-sale. Strategic procurement-to ensure the high quality of intermediate frequency heating equipment spare parts, the quality of low-cost key parts determines the performance and service life of tubing heating furnace. In the procurement of induction heating equipment spare parts, Yuantuo electromechanical system, through nearly 20 years of efforts, has established a perfect supplier management system, such as the use of international brands of electrical components in hot-rolled steel pipe equipment to maintain raw materials. Core parts quality, ensure the performance of intermediate frequency heating equipment, effectively control the procurement cost and risk of raw materials, deliver high quality, cost-effective products to customers.

Seiko manufacturing-the performance of enlarged medium frequency heating equipment has kept pace with the times in the past 20 years, constantly innovating and Seiko manufacturing, which makes it become a large research and development, production and sales base of induction heating equipment in China. The quantity and quality of high precision processing equipment owned by production workshop belong to the top in the same industry. ISO quality management system is carried out in the R & D design of induction heating equipment, production processing, assembly, quality inspection, testing machine, packaging and so on. By using high precision NC machining technology, “improving the machining accuracy of spare parts of hot rolled steel pipe equipment” as the breakthrough point, Seiko builds each spare part, professional and attentively ensures the quality. Make high quality and high efficiency tubing heating furnace equipment for customers, bring the ideal use effect.

Service commitment must be done after-sales service is to ensure that induction heating equipment really play its use value. In order to ensure the production interests of customers, Yuantian Electromechanical has established a service network covering the whole country. The maintenance team of 10 people is experienced and skilled. It is on standby 24 hours a day and 7 days to fulfill the constant promise of “customer first”.

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