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induction heating equipment  is one of the commonly used heat treatment equipment for metal steel. Hebei, as a major industrial province, there are countless induction heating furnace manufacturer in this area, so it should be said that steel pipe electric heating equipment manufacturers are not good? That is difficult to say, “people see benevolence, wise people see wisdom”, so in this small editor for you to briefly introduce seamless pipe heating equipment manufacturers, let you comment, see if Hebei seamless tube quenching equipment manufacturers can achieve the ideal induction heating equipment in your heart.

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1. The advantages of  high-quality Hebei Yuantuo Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. as a professional manufacturer of the heat treatment equipment of seamless pipe, since the factory, the innovation and optimization of the production technology have been continuously introduced, and the advanced production technology at home and abroad is continuously introduced. A large-scale production plant and an internationally standardized test base have been established, and a number of research centers have been set up to lay a solid foundation for the production of high-quality equipment.

2 With the professional seamless tube induction heating equipment to produce the R & D base and the elite technical personnel, the manufactured induction heating equipment has passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, so the users and friends of the surface quenching equipment of the high-speed mechanical seamless tube can be assured. The ultra-low price range is located in Cangzhou, Hebei, where the transportation is convenient, the labor resources are abundant and the material cost price is lower, so the price of the seamless pipe heat treatment quenching equipment in the region is certainly lower than that of the high-consumption areas such as Guangzhou and Shanghai. In addition, in the 20 years of Hebei Yuantuo Electromechanical Construction Factory, the manufacturer specially introduced the sales concept of the “thin-cut pin”, so the price of the electric heating equipment of the steel tube, which is produced by the high-end of Hebei, is also quite favorable in the crushing industry.

3. The electric heating equipment of the electric heating equipment with all kinds of complete and long-distance and high-pressure mechanical and mechanical attention steel tube is produced for 20 years, and the induction heating equipment manufactured by the electric heating equipment can be divided into a steel bar heat treatment equipment, a steel pipe heat treatment equipment, a steel plate heat treatment equipment and a steel bar heat treatment equipment according to the different processing work pieces of the user. “The steel billet heating equipment, copper rod heating equipment and so on. The high-end mechanical and electrical machine also means that you can customize the billet according to your actual needs, and ensure that you are satisfied.

4. Perfect the after-sales service as a large-scale remote-to-large electromechanical manufacturer, which not only can provide the user with the pre-sales of the “One-stop”, The sales and after-sales service can also provide the users with free on-site installation and debugging. In addition, the 24-hour after-sales hotline of the Tuo-Tuo-electric machine is open all day 365 days a year. As long as the user needs it, it will solve the production demand in time for users.

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