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Induction heating heat treatment quenching

induction heating equipment process, is a new heat treatment process in recent years, using electric heating method for heat processing, with the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, etc.

Compared with ordinary heating quenching:

1. The heating speed is extremely fast, which can enlarge the temperature range of body A transition and shorten the transition time.

2. After quenching, the surface layer of the workpiece can obtain very fine cryptic martensite with slightly higher hardness (2-3HRC). lower brittleness and higher fatigue strength.

3. The workpiece treated by this process is not easy to oxidize and decarbonize, and even some workpieces can be directly assembled for use.

4.The harden layer is deep, easy to control operation, easy to realize mechanization and automation.

5. Heating and quenching of flame surfaces

Suitable for flame surface quenching of medium carbon steel 35,45 steel and medium carbon alloy structural steel 40Cr and 65Mn, gray cast iron, alloy cast iron. is a rapid heating of the workpiece using acetylene-oxygen or gas-oxygen mixture combustion flame spray. After the surface of the workpiece reaches the quenching temperature, spray water to cool immediately. The hardened layer depth is 2~6 mm, otherwise it will cause serious overheating and deformation cracking on the workpiece surface.

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