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Induction heating of steel pipe

steel tube heat treatment furnace, the feed roller inside and outside the furnace stops turning. At this time, the moving beam of the stepping mechanism in the furnace rises, the steel pipe on the cantilever roller table in the furnace is lifted up 180mm, the moving beam advances horizontally 140mm, and then drops 180mm. The steel pipe is placed on the inclined plane of the fixed beam tooth fossa in the furnace and falls at a certain angle in the tooth socket, and the moving beam returns horizontally to the original position to complete a forward step action.

So every other feed beat, the step beam completes a forward movement, the steel pipe is moved forward on the fixed beam by a tooth distance of 180mm, and flip a certain angle, the steel pipe in the quenching furnace after heating and heat preservation to the process quenching temperature requirements. The walking beam carries the steel pipe to the discharge cantilever roller table in the quenching furnace, the discharge furnace door opens, the discharge cantilever roll in the quenching furnace rotates rapidly at the same time (the maximum 2m/S of frequency conversion speed regulation). The steel pipe is transmitted to the outside roller table, and the high pressure water descaling device is used to connect the material roller table of the quenching machine. Two photoelectric switches are arranged on the material receiving roller table of the quenching machine. The head of the steel pipe blocks a reliable photoelectric switch, the roller table slows down, and the second photoelectric switch roller table stops, and the steel pipe gently rests against the fixed baffle. At this time, the feeding mechanism of the quenching furnace (a group of Swyton levers) places the steel pipe bracket on a set of rotating quenching support wheels. Corresponding to a group of pressure wheels driven by a hydraulic cylinder to press the steel pipe. The steel pipe is driven by the rotating support wheel to rotate at a higher speed. At this time, the external water retaining plate is removed by the oil cylinder, the external water is drenched, the internal spray three-way valve is reversed, and the internal spray water is sprayed from one end of the steel pipe through the inner hole. In this way, the outside spray rotation is quenched.


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