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Inductor process of steel billet induction reheating furnace

steel billet induction reheating furnace

FOREVER electromechanical specialty provides steel billet reheating furnace. The company gathers a number of senior technical engineers engaged in induction heating equipment industry and heat treatment industry to form a high-tech enterprise integrating the research and development, design, production, sales and service of billet secondary heating, billet temperature raising and temperature supplement equipment. It has always been operating in ISO9002 quality management system certification, CE quality certification and a number of invention patents. The billet induction reheating machine  furnace is sold to many countries. We have many cases. Welcome to visit the company!

Inductor process of steel billet induction reheating furnace:

The furnace body adopts profiling design. The copper tube is wound with T2 oxygen free copper. The wall thickness of the copper tube is no less than 2.5mm. The furnace body insulation material is made of knotting material imported from the United States, which has high strength, high temperature resistance and longer service life. A water-cooled idler is installed between every two sections of the furnace body, and each idler is equipped with a variable frequency speed regulating motor. The whole red copper plate is sealed at both ends of the furnace body. The furnace chassis frame is made of non-magnetic stainless steel or aluminum alloy to reduce the influence of magnetic leakage and heating on other devices. Each section of the furnace is equipped with water pressure gauge and protection against excessive water temperature.


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