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Industrial electric furnace industry develops environmental protection energy-saving induction heating equipment.

The enterprise reform of R & D, environmental protection and energy saving Induction heating machine in industrial electric furnace industry has basically entered the late stage. The existing joint-stock system, private individual enterprises have accounted for more than 98% of the industry. In view of the characteristics of the development of the industry, the branch has worked actively to make good achievements and progress in the formulation of the level price of products, the exchange of scientific and technological information, the technical cooperation and communication between domestic and foreign enterprises, and the revision of many international standards and national standards in cooperation with the National bidding Committee for induction heating equipment. Electric furnace and working furnace are important equipment of industrial heating process, which is widely used in various industries of national economy with electricity or fuel as heating energy.

The equipment involves a wide range of professional technology, including resistance heating, induction heating, arc heating, infrared heating, plasma heating, microwave heating, electron beam heating and so on. There are more than a dozen categories, hundreds of varieties, thousands of individual series specifications, widely used in iron and steel industry, aerospace, national defense industry, machinery industry and other fields of heating treatment, melting, forging, sintering, baking and other fields.

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Post time: 06-19-2019