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Introduction of steel bar induction hardening equipment

Hebei Forever is a professional manufacturer of customized intermediate frequency quenching equipment with years of design and production experience. Our Steel bar hardening furnace is equipped with a dedicated high-precision temperature control system, achieving full automation of the process curve and a temperature control accuracy of 1 ℃. The steel bar quenching furnace of Yuantuo Electromechanical Factory has the advantages of high efficiency, energy conservation, green environmental protection, and no deformation or cracks in the processed workpiece.

The control system of the Steel bar hardening equipment is equipped with various protective measures such as overcurrent, overvoltage, incoming line phase loss, power supply undervoltage, low cooling water pressure, and high cooling water temperature. Ensuring the sensitivity and reliability of various protection functions. The steel bar quenching furnace is a water cooling equipment. In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the steel bar quenching furnace, multi-point real-time monitoring of the cooling water temperature should be carried out. Forever has designed a unique set of specialized detection instruments to address the importance of water temperature monitoring. Two temperature detection points are installed on each thyristor, and the same temperature detection points are also installed on each resonant capacitor and each induction coil. This means that every water cooling part of the system is monitored in real-time, and there will be no damage to components due to excessively high water temperature at any point. long bar hardening machine

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