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Introduction to a series of products of medium frequency induction heating equipment

Hebei Hengyuan electric furnace provides users with medium frequency electric furnace and automatic feeding, temperature control and separation heating production line of various standard or special-shaped workpiece heating, medium frequency quenching, annealing equipment and CNC quenching machine tool and other equipment. All kinds of medium frequency induction heating power supply series information and price, need all kinds of equipment parameters and information please consult the website customer service personnel. In order to provide customers with reliable induction heating products as our goal, according to the higher standards of product design and raw material selection and procurement. It can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of users.


1, if induction heating power series: Hengyuan independently developed KGPS intermediate frequency power supply, high power IGBT series resonance if power supply, medium and small power IGBT full air cooled series resonance intermediate frequency power supply, super audio power supply, High power parallel resonant if power supply series our intermediate frequency power supply technical characteristics: using IGBT devices, components global procurement, using high efficiency combined resonance technology, using low inductance circuit arrangement, using large-scale digital circuits, Adopt more comprehensive and mature protection technology.

2, medium frequency induction heat transmission equipment series: Hengyuan heat transmission equipment series products include circular steel medium frequency induction heating equipment, flat plate intermediate frequency induction heat transmission equipment, square steel medium frequency induction heat transmission equipment, hardware tools before forging intermediate frequency heat transmission equipment, Intermediate frequency heat transmission equipment before connecting rod forging, steel pipe quenching and tempering medium frequency induction heating assembly line, weld quenching and tempering annealing induction heating equipment, used for forging, quenching, tempering, annealing and other heat processing.

3, medium frequency induction quenching equipment series: shaft intermediate frequency quenching induction equipment, crankshaft intermediate frequency quenching equipment, gear intermediate frequency quenching equipment, machine tool guideway intermediate frequency quenching equipment, mainly for shafts (straight shaft, variable diameter shaft, camshaft, crankshaft, Gear shaft, gear, sleeve, ring, disk, machine tool screw, guide rail, plane, ball head and other mechanical (automobile, motorcycle) parts surface heat treatment.

4, medium frequency induction melting furnace series (0.5 ≤ 3T): iron end furnace, steel furnace, iron furnace, copper furnace, aluminum furnace, etc.

5, CNC quenching machine tool: fully automatic, PLC program control

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