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Introduction to the performance characteristics of induction hardening and tempering equipment

With the technical progress, the metal surface heat treatment furnace has also appeared the equipment to realize the environmental protection operation, the induction heating equipment. This medium frequency quenching and tempering production line is more cost-effective for some users to choose and purchase the investment. Here, this paper briefly introduces the advantages of the steel conditioning heat treatment furnace and how much the steel conditioning equipment costs, so as to facilitate the user to invest and select the type.

1,The advantages of remote electromechanical induction heating equipment. The operation is more flexible-the user can selectively heat the metal steel bar for overall heat treatment or local heating, the local heating energy consumption is low and the efficiency is high, and the user can process the metal steel bar according to their own production situation.

2, The steel bar induction hardening and tempering furnace is composed of medium frequency power supply, automatic feeding structure, induction heating system, quenching and cooling system, transportation system, automatic blanking structure and control system, which integrates mechatronics design, compact structure, stable performance, high efficiency and so on.

3,Can be specialized in customization-according to the different metal workpieces of users, different production requirements, Yuantian electromechanical can customize different steel bar conditioning production lines for users to meet the personalized custom production of users.

Hebei yuantuo mechanical and electrical production of steel bar tempering line production technology mature, equipment quality is guaranteed, and as more than 15 years of induction heating equipment manufacturers, the market has a lot of intermediate frequency tempering line customers, users can also visit. Please call our professional engineer to give you a detailed answer for the specific steel conditioning.


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