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Is it okay to use an induction heating furnace for the heating of steel bars?

Steel rod heating,induction heat treatment furnace do not allow, the use of electromagnetic induction heating technology, better achieve the effect of heating steel bars, to obtain high quality steel bars. So how much is the steel bar electric heating furnace? This article briefly introduces you to explain.

First, the induction heating furnace for steel bar heating is OK? at present, the metal heating plant carries on the multi-purpose induction heating furnace to the steel rod, this kind of equipment is reasonable in price, the processing capacity is large, the energy consumption is low, it is more suitable for the investment of large and medium-sized metal heating processing plants. In addition, induction heating furnace can also be used for steel pipe, steel bar, thread steel, aluminum rod, billet and other metal workpiece heating treatment.

Friends who know the market a little bit should know that the price of steel bar heating equipment is not the same in every manufacturer. Manufacturers always have a reason for high or low price: or good quality, high cost; Or manufacturers direct sales, fair prices and so on, so that users have a difficult choice, do not know whether to choose high prices or low prices, but here to explain to you is: changes in the market, we can not cope with, But we should always look at the market and understand the equipment so that we can buy a reasonable price induction heating equipment.

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Post time: 05-09-2019