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It is more reasonable to use this heating equipment for metal processing!

Metals are very common in nature and are also widely used in modern industries because they have good ductility, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and the like, and have a certain economic value in the market. With the rapid development of industry, it is very important to select a high-quality  induction heat treatment furnace.

What kind of heating equipment should the intermediate frequency metal heating furnace choose? A traditional flame furnace, a resistance furnace, a gas furnace and the like are used as the medium-frequency metal heating equipment, but the induction heating equipment is adopted as a metal heat treatment furnace in more reasonable and more detailed description as follows: the induction heating equipment is heated by an intermediate frequency electromagnetic induction principle, and the high-efficiency and high-yield is high-efficiency; The sealing structure is environment-friendly and less pollution, the craftsman’s heart is used, the quality is excellent, the temperature of the heating metal work-piece is uniform, the temperature difference of the core table is small, and the metal work-piece is free from deformation, cracks and the like. The advantages of the invention are as follows: the whole design of the medium-frequency quenching equipment is reasonable, the work is high and efficient, the maintenance is convenient, the appearance is beautiful, the high-precision temperature control system is adopted to carry out real-time temperature measurement on the work-piece heating, the heating temperature is ensured to be in the system setting temperature, and the heating quality is better. The industrial application field is wider and the economic value is high. The self-contained bright spot: the manufacturer of the metal heat treatment furnace is provided with the self-supporting intermediate frequency power supply, has the digital operation, the intelligent degree is higher, the energy is saved by more than 20% compared with the electronic tube high-frequency equipment at the same production capacity, and the cost performance is more cost-effective.

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