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large diameter steel pipe induction heating furnace factory

This set of 160KW steel pipe induction heating furnace will be used for the heating automation production of large diameter steel pipes with a diameter of 800-1000mm, with a power supply of 160KW.

The entire equipment has been produced and manufactured in Hebei Forever Electromechanical Factory, and the production cycle of the equipment has been basically controlled within one month. Previously, the customer was invited to conduct on-site acceptance of the 160KW steel pipe electric heating equipment. The customer praised the quality, production process level, and delivery speed of the equipment, and expressed confidence that the delivery of the steel pipe heat treatment furnace will greatly improve the efficiency and quality of their steel pipe hot processing.

The large-diameter steel pipe induction heating equipment, combined with remote intelligent PLC and a 10 inch color touch screen, can automatically and safely perform the loading, heating, and automatic discharge operations of the steel pipe. Workers can observe the machine status and operate efficiently. Breaking the technical bottleneck of low efficiency, excessive oxidation, and uneven heating in traditional metal heating equipment, it has been recognized by more and more metal hot processing manufacturers.

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Post time: 01-23-2024