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Limited degree of heating temperature of Intermediate Frequency Electric Furnace equipment

In the actual production of the Intelligent medium frequency induction heating furnace, the interference of various factors causes the infrared pyrometer to be inaccurate, such as the change of the radiation coefficient of the heated material, the influence of the ambient light, the smoke generated during the heating, the shaking of the steel wire, and the like, so that the probe is not aligned with the steel wire center and the like. The measurement is not allowed to cause the control system to oscillate back and forth, and it is possible to properly extend the sampling time of the pyrometer.

billet heating machine

The debugging of the intermediate frequency induction heating furnace is the debugging of the intermediate frequency power generator. There are many kinds of medium-frequency induction heating furnace, and its line structure is different. The YZ series produced by China adopts a “AC-DC-AC” parallel frequency conversion line, the power supply is a three-phase power frequency, the output is a single-phase intermediate frequency (0.5 to 8 kHz), the load is an induction coil of an electric furnace device and an LC parallel oscillation circuit composed of an intermediate frequency capacitor in parallel with the induction coil, and the output frequency is determined by the LC resonance frequency. The auxiliary thyristor bridge is used to solve the starting difficulty of the inverter. the change of the inlet temperature of the heating material can seriously affect the outlet temperature after the material is heated, the temperature of the semi-finished steel wire produced by the wire drawing machine is directly influenced by the cooling condition, the more the cooling effect is, the more heat the steel wire remains, So that the higher the population temperature of the steel wire entering the middle-frequency electric furnace, the population temperature is directly affected by the cooling condition. In general, the temperature of the semi-finished steel wire is higher than the temperature, so as the storage time is changed, the temperature of the inner-outer-layer steel wire is different, so that the population temperature of the material must be appropriately modified in time according to the actual situation in the production.


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