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long bar induction hardening and tempering furnace

long bar induction hardening and tempering furnace

Technical characteristics of long bar induction hardening and tempering furnace

1. The success rate of startup can reach 100%

2. Rectification power factor greater than or equal to 0.96

3. Equipped with temperature interface for temperature closed-loop control


4.long bar quenching tempering machine equipped with internal and external conversion and automatic manual conversion function

5. Multi station structure allows for convenient and fast replacement of furnace body according to different heated workpieces

6. Fully digital, no relay control circuit, ensuring stable and reliable system operation

7. Long bar induction heat treatment machine equipped with complete protection for overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, water pressure, water temperature, etc., ensuring that any malfunction does not damage equipment components

8. The three-phase incoming line is not divided into phase sequence and can be connected arbitrarily

9. Easy to operate “foolproof” devices that will never cause mishandling

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