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Long bar induction hardening and tempering heat treatment equipment

Long bar induction hardening and tempering heat treatment equipment is highly favored by domestic and foreign customers.

If you want to stand at the top of the industry, you must always seize the opportunity, and Forever Electromechanical Long Bar Induction Hardening and Tempering Heat Treatment Furnace will fully meet new challenges and face customers with a new face. With years of technological excellence and product quality, Forever is always ready to accept customer inspection. For the immediate benefit of customers, we will win praise and the future with high-quality products. Provide more ideal solutions for customers to optimize layout and distribute electricity reasonably.

Since its establishment, Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been a professional manufacturer of induction heating complete sets of equipment with comprehensive functions such as production and sales, scientific research and development, and technical services. Our designed induction heating equipment has digested and absorbed the advanced technology of German SMS company, and is represented by world-leading induction heating technologies such as Italian SAET, Norwegian EFD, and Japanese MES.

The Long bar induction hardening and tempering heat treatment furnace is composed of professional auxiliary equipment, achieving automation and continuous production. Due to the high efficiency of the production line, all auxiliary equipment should also have high production efficiency.


With the continuous increase of social demand, the technology of long bar induction hardening and tempering heat treatment equipment furnace is also constantly improving, with stable quality, high cost-effectiveness, simple and easy operation, which is highly favored by customers at home and abroad!

Our company also has many other machines: steel bar hardening and tempering production line 、Steel ball induction forging furnace 、steel tube induction preheating furnace 、medium frequency furnace  、steel billet induction reheating furnace 、metal heating forging furnace 、square billet heating furnace and so on. 

Welcome to call to inquire about the steel billet reheating furnace. 

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