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make outstanding contribution to the environmental protection of the metal heating and treatment industry

With the vigorous implementation of environmental protection policy, coal furnace, fuel furnace in environmental protection does not meet the needs of production, so a new type of metal heating equipment-induction heating equipment came into being. With the development of social economy and the fierce competition in the market, induction heat treatment furnace has been greatly improved in many aspects. Now induction heating equipment has become the preferred equipment for workpiece heat treatment. The idea of green environmental protection makes our induction heating equipment more and more popular. Hebei Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical Factory is constantly innovating, constantly improving its own technology, realizing the recycling of workpieces, and making its own contribution to the environmental protection cause of the society.


Since the induction heating equipment was introduced to our country in the last century, it has been loved by people. When heating, most of the traditional equipment is burning coal, petroleum, and so on. It will produce a large amount of exhaust gas and pollute the environment, while the medium frequency heating equipment will not produce noise, dust and exhaust gas in its work. It not only improves the working environment of workers, but also contributes greatly to the protection of social environment. At present, the pollution of the environment is quite serious, and people pay more and more attention to the environmental problems. At the same time, this also provides a great opportunity for the development of induction heating equipment, and we will firmly seize this opportunity and strive to improve our own technology. Constantly supply new products to the market.

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Post time: 04-18-2019