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“Manufacturer customized” medium frequency steel bar heat treatment equipment

Medium frequency Steel bar heat treatment equipment is a non-standard induction heating equipment, which is mainly designed and manufactured for quenching, tempering and other quenching and tempering heat treatment of steel bars. It can meet the heat treatment of round steel, steel bars, bars and long shafts of various specifications, replace the old well furnace, trolley furnace, box resistance furnace and other heat treatment furnaces, and is also the mainstream equipment for bar quenching and tempering heating at present.

1、 Main parameters of medium frequency steel bar heat treatment equipment:

1. The materials of steel bars are 35, 35CrMo, 40, 40CrMo, 42CrMo, 45, etc

2. Diameter of heating steel bar: 20 ~ 250 mm; Length: 2 ~ 12m

3. Heating power supply power: 100-8000kw

4. Heating efficiency: 0.5t/h — 30t / h

5. It has infrared temperature measurement and automatic control

2、 Control power supply of medium frequency steel bar heat treatment equipment:

1. The control power transformer of medium frequency steel bar medium frequency heat treatment equipment adopts the mode of isolation transformer. The power supply part adopts 12 pulse control mode as a whole, and the inverter part can be customized according to customers. Customers can provide their own power output power and frequency, but they must meet relevant technical requirements. An exhaust system is set inside the control panel to ensure the temperature in the control cabinet. The power cabinet must be placed in the electrical room.

2. The success rate of power start-up is high whether it is cold or hot.

3. According to the change of temperature and load, the power is at the rated value of 10 & mdash; Smooth continuous automatic adjustment within 100% range, with manual adjustment function.

4. All elements in the power cabinet shall be arranged reasonably with corresponding labels. The labels shall be fixed for later maintenance.

5. It has the functions of phase loss, overcurrent, overvoltage, inverter failure, water pressure and water temperature protection and water leakage alarm. In case of any fault in the circuit, the steel bar quenching furnace can quickly protect and disconnect the power supply to prevent component damage.

3、 Process of medium frequency steel bar heat treatment equipment:

Storage mechanism – roller conveying system – induction heating system – quenching cooling system – tempering and insulation system – infrared temperature measurement system – roller output system – receiving mechanism

4、 Various protections of medium frequency steel bar heat treatment equipment:

1. The medium frequency steel bar heat treatment equipment is equipped with temperature controller and water controller, which can automatically adjust the temperature and make up water. The water supply temperature and return water temperature can be set according to the needs of users. When the water supply temperature exceeds the set temperature, it will stop automatically. When the return water temperature is lower than the set temperature, it will start automatically.

2. Equipped with LCD digital display, it can accurately and intuitively display the water supply temperature and return water temperature; The water level in the boiler can be displayed on the water level gauge, and the operator can clearly grasp the boiler operation.

3. The water control and sensing temperature regulation alarm can be transferred to the automatic protection system. In case of fault, the corresponding indicator will flash and stop automatically.

5、 Features of medium frequency steel bar heat treatment equipment:

1. Medium frequency steel bar heat treatment equipment is controlled by medium frequency power supply, all digital, high power,

2. Fast heating speed and less oxidation decarbonization.

3. With careful design and high degree of automation, it can realize full-automatic operation. It can realize full-automatic operation by selecting automatic feeding and automatic discharge sorting device and equipped with PLC control system.

4. The medium frequency steel bar heat treatment equipment has the advantages of uniform heating, high temperature control accuracy, easy to realize the requirements of uniform heating and small core surface temperature difference. The temperature control system can accurately control the temperature.

5. Variable frequency motor is adopted, each shaft motor is driven by reducer, controlled by independent frequency converter, and the running speed is controlled by sections, so that the blank can move forward at a uniform speed, heat evenly and quench evenly.

6. After quenching and tempering heat treatment, the steel bar has high plasticity and strong toughness, does not need to be straightened, and meets the national standards.

7. The medium frequency steel bar heat treatment equipment adopts PLC automatic intelligent control system, and the whole set of “one key start” Induction heating furnace operates automatically, saving labor and cost.



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