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Affected by the epidemic, all walks of life have slightly changed. Will the metal heat treatment plant be opened in 2020 to make money? In fact, it’s profitable. In recent years, the number of private cars has increased dramatically, the demand for oil has become higher and higher, the oil mining industry has also developed, the demand for metal parts has increased unabated, the metal heat treatment plant has no worries about the market, and the profit value is high, so how much and how little is the drill pipe tempering treatment equipment? Here is a detailed introduction.

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The specific equipment to be configured for the drill pipe tempering line should be reasonably selected according to the requirements of workpiece size, production environment, infrastructure setting, etc. YUANTUO mechanical and electrical manufacturer has technical teams to provide customized services. Welcome new and old users to call our service hotline to get your design scheme free of charge.

How much is the quality control line of drill pipe?

How much is the investment in the heat treatment equipment for the quenching and tempering of drill pipes? The general price is about 10-30 US dollars. It is related to the selection of configuration scheme and equipment model. There are many heat treatment equipment manufacturers in the market, and the scale, material use and quality of the equipment provided are different, so there will be a certain gap in the price.

For the specific price of the quenching and tempering line of drill pipe, you can call directly for consultation, and YUANTUO mechanical and electrical manufacturer has developed for many years in the induction heating equipment production industry, with 17000 square meters of standardized and intelligent production plant, high-quality raw materials and exquisite workmanship, which ensures the equipment quality and environmental protection certification.

YUANTUO mechanical and electrical manufacturers have customer sites in Hebei, Henan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Yunnan and other provinces and cities. You can contact us. The sales manager will arrange a nearby field visit for you, provide one-stop service, from plant operation to all-round support, shorten the user’s time limit, and enjoy lifelong technical support after sale.




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