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Manufacturer of fully automatic steel ball production equipment

As for the steel ball production line, Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical Manufacturer said that it was a specialty. From round steel feeding to round steel heating to induction heating equipment furnace mouth temperature measurement, the heating technology was mature, which also verified the strength of Yuantuo Electromechanical.

Brief introduction to production process of hot rolled wear-resistant steel ball:

1. Lift the bundled round steel bars onto the storage rack, and the length of round steel bars is generally 6000mm.

2. The automatic feeder automatically loads the round steel on the storage rack to the conveying rail of the medium frequency heating furnace. The round steel enters the electric furnace on the conveying rail by means of the automatic feeding mechanism. The round steel is heated to 950 ~ 1050 ℃ by adjusting the power.

3. The heated round steel bar enters the steel ball mill mold through the feed guide sleeve. After passing through two screw molds, the round steel rotates and moves forward, and is continuously rolled into steel balls, which enter the conveying system from the slideway.

4. The rolled hot steel ball is transported and cooled through the conveying system to make the temperature of the steel ball uniform inside and outside. At the same time, the temperature of the steel ball is reduced to the quenching temperature and enters the quenching machine for continuous quenching. The water outlet temperature of the steel ball is controlled by adjusting the speed of the quenching machine. After the steel ball is quenched, it enters the basket through the slide way. The steel ball is tempered in the tempering furnace to eliminate the internal stress of the steel ball, The steel ball can obtain high and uniform hardness.

Whether it is Steel ball induction forging furnace or other types of induction heating equipment, FOREVER Electromechanical is a skilled field. There are many users, categories and cases. Please consult us for customization.


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