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Market status of billet heating equipment industry

Billet heating furnace industry is one of the key industries to improve the overall level of our machinery manufacturing industry, and it is one of the four basic process industries in the manufacturing industry equipment.


In the face of the continuous development of new products of billet heating equipment and the rapid development of the renewal of old products, although the production equipment of billet heating equipment enterprises in our country can basically meet the production needs of mechanical industry, However, the automation of precision control can be realized in the whole industry, and the digital production equipment is less than 10%. Therefore, at present, the temperature control equipment in the heat treatment industry is well known in the market, and the enterprise group has not yet formed, and there is a shortage of relevant professional and technical personnel. Therefore, it is difficult to popularize and apply the heat treatment technology of the new technology.

In response to the current situation of our steel billet heating equipment industry, to improve the overall level of the steel billet heating equipment industry in the future. First, we should make full use of the industry information platform, guide and promote the new technology, and then strengthen the basic training of the talents, provide the personnel guarantee for the development of the steel billet heating equipment, give full play to the role of the expert committee, and carefully organize the recommended base project. The leading enterprise is facing the future development of energy-saving and energy-saving materials.


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Post time: 05-16-2019