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Medium frequency induction furnace

medium frequency induction heating machine is widely used in the heating treatment of steel bar, steel pipe, billet, steel bar, aluminum bar and so on. At present, there are many manufacturers producing medium frequency induction heating furnace in the domestic market, which not only brings more choices to users, but also brings troubles. Which brand of domestic medium frequency induction hardening furnace is good? Let’s get to know:


Which brand of domestic medium frequency induction furnace is good?

There are many brands of Induction heating machine in China. Almost all of them are under the name of good quality and direct selling from manufacturers, which brings difficulties to our choice. Especially for new customers, facing the scene of manufacturers’ boasting, they really don’t know how to identify the advantages and disadvantages. Don’t worry. Remember the following items as if you have the same pair of golden eyes, even the cunning seller can’t confuse you.

Four factors should be paid attention to when choosing the brand of manufacturing equipment. Enterprise scale, equipment performance, after-sales service and market reputation.

1、 Factory scale and team

Professional manufacturers can not only produce induction furnace, but also have equipment R & D department, sales department and after-sales service department. That is to say, professional manufacturers of induction heating furnace have large scale, detailed division of labor, and have the production configuration capacity of a complete set of production equipment.

In addition, it also depends on whether the manufacturer has the ability to be responsible for the whole process, that is, to follow up the equipment transportation, installation, commissioning and related knowledge training, so as to ensure that the customers can operate the equipment skillfully and have a large professional after-sales maintenance team to ensure that problems can be handled in time in case of any problems.

2、 Equipment performance

Induction heating furnace manufacturer can directly judge whether the manufacturer is professional from the performance of the equipment. Generally speaking, professional manufacturers and suppliers have mastered the core technology, and the production equipment has good performance and better structure. In addition, it also has the advantages of high energy efficiency, convenient maintenance and wide application range.

3、 After sales service

Perfect after-sales service is an important sign to measure the strength of induction heating equipment manufacturer. After sales service has a great impact on the later use of the equipment. After a long time of equipment work, problems will inevitably occur. Perfect after-sales service can solve the problems in time and reduce losses. Therefore, whether there is perfect after-sales service has become one of the important standards to measure whether the manufacturer is professional

4、 Market reputation

Market evaluation is a direct judgment on whether the equipment manufacturers and suppliers are professional. If the equipment manufacturer has professional equipment and first-class service, then the later market evaluation will certainly be very good, and vice versa.

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